This painting, which is quite well preserved, initially formed part of a series of 6 works, which were sold separately in the early 20th century. Miracle de la vara florida de Sant Josep (Miracle of the Flowering Rod of Saint Joseph) belongs to a series of work called Història de Sant Josep (History of Saint Joseph) on the life of Saint Joseph intended for home decoration. It is the first scene of the series that depicts the moment when the stem blooms as an iconographical illustration that he will be the one chosen to be Mary’s future husband.
The depiction of Joseph with an expression of surprise, the priest by his side and looking towards us and all the surrounding characters is dynamic, addressing the faithful viewers with complicity, involving them in the sacred event that takes place in the narrative. His clients appreciated the compositional arrangement particularly of the group scenes with balance and serenity.

Oil on canvas

113x175 cm

Antoni Viladomat, 1678 - 1755