The work of Olga N. Sacharoff is a very colorful painting with naive elements. He used different techniques such as oil, watercolor, pastel, collage or etching. He represented different themes such as still lifes, landscapes, flowers, everyday scenes and portraits. As well as illustrations of literary works.

Together with the painter and photographer Otto Lloyd, he went to Ceret where he met the sculptor Manolo Hugué, who advised them in 1916 to go to Barcelona.

From 1920, and until 1940 Sacharoff will live in Paris and spend stays in Tossa de Mar. From 1940, the Lloyd-Sacharoff marriage will settle permanently in Barcelona.

Her links with Spanish painting and Catalan art of the 1940s and 1950s were decisive for the artistic and intellectual circles of the post-war period, she knew how to gather a group, “la colla”, made up of painters, musicians, sculptors, art critics and amateurs. And it constitutes one of the few examples of the female presence in the artistic modernity of the first half of the 20th century. In 1964 the painter received the Medal of the City of Barcelona.

Watercolour on paper


Olga Nicolaevna Sacharoff, 1889 - 1967