Credit Andorra Thyssen

Until 9 January 2022, for the first time in Andorra, an important selection from the Art Collection of CrEAND can be viewed in a museum open to the public.


The Museu Carmen Thyssen Andorra and Creand present ‘Talented Painters of the Same Origin. From Rigalt to Puigdengolas’, presented by the co-curators Isabel Rodríguez Ferrer and Guillermo Cervera.

An important selection from the Art Collection of Creand, which was created in 1989, can be viewed for the first time in Andorra in a museum open to the public. The selection of 28 works (of which 23 have been loaned by the bank and five belong to the Carmen Thyssen collection) will be on display until 9 January 2022.

The purpose of the exhibition is to establish a dialogue between the paintings from both collections. The selection, designed by the two curators Guillermo Cervera and Isabel Rodríguez, has sought to prioritise the quality of the works over quantity, with great names in Catalan painting such as Josep Masriera, Joaquim Mir, Joan Roig, Santiago Rusiñol and Joaquim Vayreda.

A new feature of this exhibition is the introduction of an artistic synergy between the museum and the Fundació ONCA, as for the first time, a musical narrative has been incorporated into the pictorial journey, carefully selected by the artistic curator of the Fundació ONCA, Albert Gumí. Cervera explained that “it is something we have been thinking about for some time and I am overjoyed that it is now a reality”. Visitors will have an additional channel on the audio-guide on which they will be able to listen to the music while enjoying the art work.

The selected paintings include the works of artists specialising in different types of landscapes and portraits, as well as other multifaceted artists who express their experience on canvas. Noteworthy pieces from the Art Collection of Creand include the paintings Figura al bosc by Josep Masriera, Prats de Santa Coloma, Andorra by Joaquim Mir, Cases a la platja by Joan Roig, Pati i figura by Santiago Rusiñol and Paisatge amb vaques i figures femenines by Joaquim Vayreda. From the Thyssen museum, the work Platja de Vilanova by Joan Roig is particularly significant.

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