On behalf of the Generalitat of Catalonia, he traveled to Italy with the sculptor Joan Rebull, to learn about the methods of artistic teaching that they later put into practice, with the town council of Tarragona and the Generalitat, In the city of Tarragona he developed a project to renew and make the artistic education systems more pedagogical, with a system based on the self-control of the students themselves.

The research and doctorate studies of the experts help us to document and trace the provenance of some works. We know that this painting by Ignasi Maillol belonged to two large and important collections before becoming the property of Crèdit Andorrà: the Plandiura collection and the Rivière collection. We can know this thanks to the back of a photograph preserved in the Francesc Serra Dimas fund – Barcelona Photographic Archive – where it is specified “Lluís Plandiura collection – no. 582 of his catalogue”. In the Rivière collection, no. 250 of his catalog where he arrived in 1948.

Oil on canvas

53x87 cm